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Tips and Tricks for Teething

While sitting down today trying to decide on an interesting and entertaining topic to write about, I am completely distracted my the multiple snot smears on my pants and the dampness around my collar from one of my twins using my shirt as a means to soothe his soar gums. I am in the middle of dealing with teething times two! And from what I’ve read it can start anywhere from four months all the way through toddlerhood for all teeth to poke their way through.

It’s amazing how all kids can be so different. My twins are now ten months old. My daughter has eight teeth and they only signs they were coming were a little extra drool and a super runny nose. My son, who now has four teeth, got two each time! With both sets of teeth came ear infections and lots of sleepless nights. Which has been torture for both him and myself. But I have discovered a few simple tricks that have helped ease his discomfort and manage the mess of teething.

Teething times two!

Teething times two!

Teething Rings and Toys – Anything that can be chewed makes my babies happy, especially when it’s ice cold. I’ve begun to notice that my son starts to shake his head back and forth when his gums are irritated. Chomping down on a hard cold toy can always bring back a smile. I love the Nuby Ice Gel Teether because they have a soft removable cover on them so that your little one’s hands don’t have to freeze. A frozen washcloth also does the trick…sometimes.

Frozen Foods – Not only do teething babies love to chew, they love to eat! I have found that sticking a banana or even a bagel in the freezer allows for fun and enjoyment. Since both of my babies have top and bottom teeth it is important that I watch closely since they are able to bite off small pieces.

Teething Tools!

Teething Tools!

Tissues and Snot Suckers– In addition to teething, the current weather we are experiencing has caused all three of my children to have leaky noses. I have boxes of tissues placed strategically around my house, because if I’m not quick enough my clothing becomes the next best thing. To avoid all of my kids looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer I’ve discovered Boogie Wipes. These soft, scented wipes are made with saline to help dissolve mucus making the job a lot easier. And when a tissue or wipe doesn’t do the trick it’s always helpful to suck all the mucus out with a simple syringe (I have several that I took with me from the hospital) or, a few of my friends swear by the NoseFrieda.

Bibs – My first time around as a mom I think I only used bibs when my son was enjoying a meal. Now my twins live in bibs due to the constant drool…and bibs also make a great alternative wipe! Bibs have saved me from multiple outfit changes throughout the day due to drool soaked shirts.

Elevate the Crib Mattress – Teething may cause congestion, making it difficult for a baby to breathe easily, which can then lead to disrupted sleep. I have found that elevating one side of the crib mattress has helped my son sleep a little bit better. I have propped up the mattress by placing rolled up bath towels underneath.

Thermometer and Tylenol – Sadly teething has caused so much pain, making it difficult for my son to sleep through the night on several occasions. Any time he wakes up screaming I always first do a quick sniff to make sure it’s not a diaper issue, and then check if he has a temperature. Often times teething is accompanied by an ear infection in our house, so we rely on Tylenol to get through the night. As soon as the clock strikes 8:30 AM a phone call is then placed to our pediatrician.

Although teething has been difficult, soon enough my twins will be through this phase and on to the next.

What tips and tricks can you share?

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