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That Feeling of Helplessness


I sit in frustration as I write this post. I hope by the time that you are reading this, it is completely outdated! By then, my family and I will have moved on with our lives like this period of illness had never occurred. It will be a distant memory as we happily enjoy the Spring weather. 

You see, my twins have the stomach bug….or at least, we think it’s the stomach bug. Maybe it’s the Norovirus? Maybe it’s a parasite? Maybe it’s pinworm…or a food allergy… or even worse, Celiac Disease!? Diarrhea in toddlers is common, but it’s not supposed to last three weeks! There is something wrong with my children and no one can tell me the cause.

This period of illness started weeks ago with vomiting and fever, and ended with a nasty bout of diarrhea that settled in to stay. Without getting into the gory details, know that it has not been fun!!! We have tried everything under the sun to get this nasty visitor out of our house. Everyone has an opinion…..”Try the BRAT diet, no don’t follow the BRAT diet. Eat yogurt, no don’t eat any dairy at all. Take a probiotic, actually probiotics don’t really do much.” We have been to the doctor so many times that we’re drowning in co-pays. Each visit they assure us it’s most likely the stomach bug and needs to run its course….but as Gerald and Piggie say…”Waiting is hard!!”

This may be the most frustrating and completely hopeless period that I have encountered as a parent. I know we will figure it out and eventually move on, but in this exact moment the stress is palpable!

So, if you are a parent of a sick child, whether a few days, a few months, or God forbid years… know that I feel your pain! It is a gut-wrenching feeling, not being able to help your child when they are ill. As a parent to small children we are supposed to be able to make it all better and when we can’t, it’s crushing. There is nothing in this world that has made me feel so small and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So, as you read this, hopefully future me is sitting back, wine glass in hand, happy that my kids got healthy and this whole horrible sickness is behind us. Three weeks of illness has felt like an eternity. This mama is ready for the sunnier days ahead!

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