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5 Spring Cleaning Pro Tips!

It’s starting to feel more like Spring and for many of us that means opening up the windows, dusting off the patio furniture, and getting ready to enjoy some time outside. This is the time of year people get extra motivated to participate in the annual spring cleaning tradition. I love the way my house looks when it has been scrubbed from top to bottom. Being a mom to two beautiful little children makes this type of house cleaning a rarity, so the couple times a year when I have an excuse to do a deep clean I dive head first into the cleaning.

Below I have provided 5 awesome tips to help make your house refreshingly clean this spring.

Washing Windows

Most people think that the best way to clean windows is to use Windex. However, even Windex can leave streaks on windows. The very best thing to use when cleaning windows is a microfiber cloth and water. I put water into a spray bottle, spray it on the windows and carefully clean with the microfiber cloth.

Garbage Disposal

I love to have a nice clean kitchen. With all of the cooking I do, this is a place that definitely has a lot of germs and I throw most things down the garbage disposal. Once a month I clean mine with a mixture of half a cup of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, and a cup of boiling water. I boil the water and then add the vinegar and baking soda and mix. I pour this down the drain and then follow it with 45 – 60 seconds of warm water. About an hour after I clean the garbage disposal I cut a lemon in half and put one half in the garbage disposal for an extra clean smell.

Closet Organization

Spring cleaning is a good time to purge your closet. This is one of my favorite spring cleaning tasks. I go through my closet and I purge based on three different criteria:

  • If I haven’t worn the item in more than two years
  • If the item is to warn to keep – holes, stains, fading
  • If the item doesn’t fit right

Pro mom tip: For any clothes that are gently used and no longer fit you or the other people in your family, sell them for profit. For clothes my kids wore once and then grew out of, I sell them to Once Upon A Child. Everything else – donate to Goodwill and keep your receipts.  

Bathroom Tile Cleaning

One of the things I hate to clean is the grout between the tiles in my bathroom. This is something that I dread cleaning but try to do several times a year. I have found that the best way to clean this is to use hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush. I buy the hydrogen peroxide that comes in the spray bottle. Spray the hydrogen peroxide on the grout between the tiles. Wait ten minutes then take a toothbrush and start scrubbing. Once done rinse with warm water. Since this can be somewhat tedious I split my bathroom into four sections and do one section at a time.

Don’t Forget to Clean Electronics

Most people forget to clean the devices that they are using on a regular basis. People take their cell phones everywhere including the bathroom. Then hours later they have it next to them at dinner. For the best clean create a solution that is 60% rubbing alcohol and 40% water. Mix these ingredients together then dip a microfiber cloth in the solution and clean your phone and iPad. Though it is important to do this during spring cleaning, cleaning your phone is a good habit to get into.

Not only do you physically want to clean your device, but spring cleaning is also a good time to clean up the storage space on your phone. Take some time to look at the apps that you are not using or old photos that can be deleted. Freeing up space on your phone will increase the effectiveness of your device.

Spring cleaning should be something that you enjoy. The intent is to be therapeutic and not cause stress. If it does get to be too stressful you can always hire a cleaning service! No matter what, here is looking forward some clean homes and warmer weather.

What Spring cleaning tips can you share?

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