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Networking – it ain’t just a working thang

networkingI have been fully entrenched in discussions at work about empowering woman and how important it is to network. It’s crucial to have the support of sponsors, which really got me thinking. Sure, I need a strong network in the business world but what about at home?

I am a relatively new mom who has a ten-month old daughter and to be honest with you, I have my good days and my bad, but I need help. When I was on maternity leave I found my network of mommies to be my lifeline. We were all there for each other to ask questions and to lean on each other in order to navigate this crazy thing called motherhood.

Having a winter baby I was worried about being cooped up at home. I was used to always being busy, and what was I going to do with a small baby everyday? I felt like I was a freshman in college all over again; eager to meet new friends but I just didn’t know how.

I threw myself into a lot of different things. I went back to the yoga center I was going to through my whole pregnancy, I did workshops, and joined two mommy groups. The moms I met through all of this provided me so much advice and gave me such piece of mind. When it was time to go back to work I found myself getting extremely emotional. Not just because I was going to miss spending everyday with my daughter, but because I was going to miss these ladies. These woman had become such a source of security for me.

Now that I’m back at work I have struggled to stay connected to all those amazing mothers I met over those four months I was home on maternity leave. On the weekends we all have stuff going on and it has been tough to get together. I miss having such easy access to their support. I need to know what to expect in my daughters next stage. What the coolest toy is at the moment? What do I feed my daughter? Is her behavior normal or are the thoughts and feelings I am experiencing normal? Even though I don’t get to see some of the ladies they still remain a source of inspiration and are always there to lend an ear. When I have a bad day I text them and they just have a way to make me feel like I am not alone.

My best advice to new moms – get connected with other moms in your area! Check your local hospitals, pediatrician offices and be sure to say hello to that mom that is next to you at music class at the library. Build your mommy network because its important! They can introduce you to new things, new people and keep you sane when your having a tough day. Although I don’t get to see some of the woman I have met as much as I would like, I feel like we will always share that bond of being a first time mom.

So tell me, how did you build your mommy network?

dianaDiana lives in Stamford, CT with her husband Joe and their little girl Amelia “Mia.” She grew up in Long Island but has been in Stamford for over 12 years. Diana is a full-time working mom and commutes to Manhattan where she works for a finance company in Mid-town. In order to engage in her creative side, Diana started her own side business, Mabel Laine Photography LLC, where she gets to capture memories for families. When she has free time she likes to do yoga, read and spend time with her family.

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