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On Mother’s Day Don’t Forget…

Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day! Today is a day intended just for us moms! A day of relaxing with breakfast in bed, a family outing where everyone is on their best behavior, and getting showered with gifts of all our favorite things. But let’s face it, most likely that’s not on the agenda for today! I mean we are moms and most of us have young children! We are the ones planning the day, showering our own mothers with love, and even possibly purchasing our own gifts. But who’s complaining!? 

That’s why today I want all of you moms to take at least five minutes to yourself (lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to) and acknowledge all the hard work you do. In the middle of all the chaos I want you to remember all the best parts of being a mom! I got the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributor team together to offer a few reminders to help you reflect and get through the day-to-day grind of being a mom. 

You have survived all of your worst days as a mom. There is always tomorrow. {Michelle – Fairfield mom of 3}

Whatever it is that you are going through as a mom, just remember, you aren’t the first to go through it. Everyone before you survived, and so will you. {Erika – New Canaan mom of 3}

Make time for yourself everyday and never take yourself too seriously. {Aarika – Trumbull mom of 2}

Don’t forget who you are outside of being a mom. Make time for your own play dates and follow your passions. {Maria F. Norwalk mom of 2}

You have messes. You are not a mess! {Nikki – Norwalk mom of 2}

Celebrate the small victories. Celebrate the milestones and progress unique to your child(ren) rather than comparing them to what they “should be” doing at their age. {Ashley – Trumbull mom of 2}

Ignore the judgement. You are doing the best for your child(ren). When things get tough just play the theme music from the Facts of Life in your head. {Allison – Bethel mom of 1}

Cut yourself some slack. You don’t need to do it all. {Hilary – Stamford mom of 2}

Don’t over extend yourself. Be kind to yourself by learning to say no to the things that aren’t working for you and then find the things that are. {Abby – Greenwich mom of 2}

Put the phone down and try to limit distractions when you are spending time with family. Being present is key! {Caitlin – Fairfield mom of 1}

You have the strength to wake up every morning and do it all over again. Even when you are feeling exhausted. {Daria – Norwalk mom of 1 (soon to be 2)}

Do not compare yourself to other moms – you are doing great! {Shannon – Monroe mom of 2}

The days are long but the years are short. {Stefanie – Trumbull mom of 2}

In order to be the best for your family you need to take care of yourself. {Caroline – Wilton mom of 4}

Every day is a new adventure. {Jana – Greenwich mom of 2}

Even in the worst of moments you are really going to miss these times someday. So try, try, TRY and enjoy it, even when you think you possibly can’t. {Kelly – Trumbull mom of 4}

Always laugh! It’s not worth getting upset over the little things. {Casey – Trumbull mom of 2}

The time you invest now will pay off in unimaginable ways later on. {Keira – Trumbull mom of 1}

And most importantly, you can’t do this mama thing alone! Take all the help you can get! {Fairfield County Moms Blog}

So today let us all be reminded how special a job it is to be a mom. As long as we are surrounded by the ones we love, we are guaranteed to feel celebrated. Happy Mother’s Day!

What would you like to remind your fellow mamas? Comment below!

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