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Mom-Approved Playgrounds Across Fairfield County

Warmer, sunnier days means more time outside! Whether you have a little one who is learning how to walk and climb or a big kid that you want to distract from playing Fortnite, local playgrounds are a moms best friend! They are the perfect spot to play with your kids when feeling energized. Or you can grab a coffee and park yourself on a bench and possibly meet your next mom BFF. Here’s a solid line-up of playgrounds across Fairfield County that you might not already know about.


Cherry Lawn Park – This playground has two fenced in areas – one with a toddler playground and one with pre-school sized play structures. For moms with more than one child, having a fenced in area is HUGE. And there are clean bathrooms on site! In the “big kid” section there is even a roundabout!

Pros: Fenced in play areas, tennis courts, proper bathrooms, and a walk to Darien Nature Center (pay). There is also a gazebo to eat lunch or snack. 

Cons: Limited shade and parking and close to I-95.


New Friends Playground – It’s newly renovated and located right across from Sherwood Farm. The playground also has tennis courts to the side, bathrooms and picnic tables. 
Pros: New equipment including some fun large sized xylophones for music making, a tall climbing rope tower and spongy ground surface to prevent serious injuries.
Cons: There is no shade and no trees nearby so it’s likely to get pretty hot in the summer. 


Owen Fish Park  – A larger, shady playground for toddlers and elementary school age children. There are baby and big kid swings, slides and climbing structures, as well as a four-person see saw. The park is located off Stratfield Road in Fairfield, but tucked away off the main road with parking. There are picnic tables and a little stream with ducks that the kids enjoy.

Pros: There is lots of shade and a variety of play structures. There is no fee for non-residents and it’s close to the Merritt.

Cons: The main play structure does have a few “drop offs” so keep an eye on the little ones. There is a nearby pond; however, it’s not much of a threat since a tennis court separates the playground from the pond.

Owen Fish Park

Veres Park – This amazing playground draws friendly families with young children. The play structures are designed to occupy the imagination of several age groups; a bonus if you have multiple children at different ages. The playground area is wide open so everyone can be in constant view, but on the flip side, there isn’t a lot of shade. It’s a popular spot for mommy meet-ups, pre-nap activities, play dates, coffee breaks and picnics. There are communal toys in the sandbox and ride-on toys out on the grass.

Pros: The playground is designed for younger children with good visibility and lots of toys on site. There is no fee and it’s close to the beach, Post Road and I-95. 

Cons: It can get very sunny and hot at times. It’s near roads, although not busy through streets. The smell of the nearby local dump can linger in warmer months.

Veres Park Playground


Bruce Park – Everyone loves Bruce Park in Greenwich. There is a toddler and “big kids” section, as well as a pavilion with picnic tables underneath. The park is beautiful with water views and tall trees for shade.

Pros: There are unique features like a slide built into a hillside, a large “ship” for climbing, spin seats, a life size bird’s nest to sit in and a sandbox filled with toys. There are proper bathroom facilities and it’s close to I-95 and Greenwich Avenue.

Cons: It can get busy on weekends and since it’s close to I-95 it can get a little noisy.

Byram Park Playground – This playground was completely updated in late 2016, Byram Park playground now includes a large nature-inspired climbing structure with slides, a faux treehouse, a climbing pyramid, swings (including an “Expression Swing“), spring riders, and more. Benches and picnic tables are both available, and the view of the harbor is excellent. 

Pro: Amazing views!
Cons: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you’ll need a Greenwich Park Pass (or Guest Pass) for entry.


Wolfe Park The lake side has a playground (most suitable for children over 5 years old), as well as a fresh water lake/beach, and a pavilion for picnicking. The main side of the park includes two separate playground spaces. The left side itself has two sections: one for children under 5 and one for children from 5-12 years old. The right side includes a large wooden playscape with sections for all age groups, including infant swings. These playgrounds are also not fenced in. This side of the park also features tennis courts, a basketball court, and baseball and soccer fields. A pavilion is available for picnicking, as well, and can be rented out for events.  

Pro: A walking trail connects both sides of the park.
Con: A sticker is required to park from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  



Mead Memorial Park  This fan-favorite for play, baseball games, nature watching and family photos offers a shaded and fenced in toddler playground area, plus a bigger playground, an “upscale” snack bar and bathroom facilities – plus it’s within walking distance to town. 

Pros: Air conditioned bathrooms and a place to eat.

Cons: The playground is always busy!


Dickinson Park – This relatively new playground is a favorite among local moms and offers updated equipment with fun features (hello zip line!). There is also shade and activities for multiple age and ability levels.

Pros: A new facility and great for multiple ages.

Cons: Portable potties only and the turf can get hot.


Imagination Station in Ballard Park – This park is located right in downtown Ridgefield, across the street from Ridgefield Library, and steps away from shopping, restaurants, and walking along Main Street.
Pros: Right in downtown, fenced in, recently renovated, and the equipment is appropriate for all ages.
Cons: It gets crowded on nice days.
Sky’s the Limit Playground – Located at the Ridgefield Recreation Center, but open to the public, including access to the walking/biking trails. There is a smaller fenced section for smaller kids and larger unfenced section for bigger kids. 
Pros: You can access trails for a scooter/bike ride and you can pop over to the Splash Pad over the summer (which is also open to non-members for a small fee).
Cons: Crowded on non-school days and there are not a lot of swings.



Chestnut Hill Park – They just redid this playground, so the equipment is very new. It’s in a lovely wooded section of North Stamford right off the Merit Parkway, with a smaller, fenced-in toddler playground and a larger, more challenging big kid playground. If you have a toddler that is a runner this is the playground for you. You’ll also find some “big kid” equipment including a modern rope climbing structure, swings, bridges and more. It never seems to get that crowded and sometimes we have been the only ones there. There is also a bathroom next to the baseball field. 

Pros: A great spot if you have children of different ages. 

Cons: You will need to keep a close eye on the very little ones since some of the equipment can be more challenging.

Commons Park  This modern, newly built playground is in the Harbor Point development right next to a large fountain and manicured lawn. The playground itself is not very large but the kids like all the different height bars they have to swing on and their balance beam. They don’t have swings, which is sometimes a bonus when you don’t want to push them on the swings the whole time. There is also Walter’s Hot dog Stand very close by and Corbo’s deli across the street for a snack or quick lunch. 

Pros: Close to great spots for lunch or a p.m. snack. 

Cons: The playground is small. 

Scalzi Park –  There are soccer fields, a water splash pad, and a separated but not fenced in, exclusive play area for preschool kids and another one for 5 to 12. There is also a great walking path that you can ride bicycles.

Pros: A perfect spot to bring a lunch.

Cons: This park gets super busy…especially on the weekends. 


Earthplace – This well-loved nature center and conservatory offers a host of fun, educational activities for children and a “secret” non-visible playground in back. Earthplace also offers free hiking trails designed for little kids to enjoy. The school playground is available when camp or pre-school isn’t in session. You can also play inside the nature center, view the interactive exhibits and see the animal hall. There is a $5 fee for non-members.

Pros: A great spot for any type of weather. 

Cons: Lot’s of bugs so be sure to bring bug spray.


Traveling this summer? Here’s a link to the “Top 50 Playgrounds in America.”

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What did we miss? Any secret spots to share?

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