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Hey Mom, What’s for Lunch? {McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli}

Hey Mom! What’s for lunch? This may be one of the most common questions moms are faced with daily. Making lunches might be one of our least favorite tasks, but eating the lunch…that’s a whole different story! And who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich full of fresh deli meats and all of the toppings!? Okay, maybe our kids can be a bit picky sometimes, but not when it comes to Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli.deli meatMcKenzie’s mission is simple. They want to provide quality products above all else. For me, I’m always hesitant to incorporate a lot of deli products into my diet. However when the opportunity arose for me to try their antibiotic free meats I decided to give it a try.

We hear a lot of stories about all the hormones used in meats and to make sure we know where our meat is coming from. McKenzie uses the highest quality whole muscle meat, with no hormones or antibiotics, ever. They craft meats and cheeses with authentic flavors using simple, wholesome food values and all natural, clean ingredients that consumers can understand.

This is not only important for me but for my kids as well. I have picky enough eaters and when I finally get them to try something I want to make sure it’s as healthy as possible. Who wants to feed their kids something that tastes great to them only to find out that it’s unhealthy?

McKenzie has operated out of Burlington, Vermont since 1907. They ship directly to local stores in Vermont as well as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. I was able to go to my local Big Y and purchase their maple honey turkey as well as their hickory smoked turkey. You can also find their products at Dave’s Marketplace.

deli meatFrom my purchased meats I made two different types of sandwiches that I had my whole family try. The first was an homage to Thanksgiving. I used their hickory smoked turkey and spread some cranberry relish on pumpernickel bread. This sandwich was delicious. The meat tasted fresh and could easily pass as leftovers from Thanksgiving. My husband liked it and my daughter, who normally doesn’t like turkey, took a nice helping for herself. She also discovered how much she loves pumpernickel bread so another win for us!deli meats



The second sandwich I made was with the maple honey turkey. I’m a huge fan of all things maple and honey. I used the same pumpernickel bread with Dijon mustard, lettuce, and tomato. That’s it. I think the true test of any food is the amount you have to add to it to enjoy it. This was a simple no frills sandwich and it was still great. I actually had to fight my husband as to who got to finish it.

deli meats

Some other products I will be tasting in the near future are their:

  • Buffalo Style Chicken
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey
  • Uncured Rosemary Herb Ham
  • Uncured Honey Ham
  • Herb Roasted Turkey

Healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless. Healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We tend to over complicate things when it comes to food. Thankfully now I have a quick and easy option for lunch that my whole family will love. Most of all I know it is healthy for all of us.

You are going to definitely want to try McKenzie’s wholesome, high-quality, artisan meats and cheeses!

Learn more about McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli ! Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

This post was sponsored by McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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