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Let Them Eat {Birthday} Cake


Happy New Year! The last hoorah of 2014.

I’ve often heard that having a December birthday kind of, well, sucks.  One of our sister sites, Tampa Bay Moms Blog, recently featured a post on the things people with December birthdays are tired of hearing.  Things like “you must get double the presents” and “I can’t come celebrate with you because I’m just way too busy this time of year.”

Since I have a birthday in the beginning part of January, I would like to suggest, that this comes in as a close second to the worst time of year to have a birthday.  Everyone is coming off of the “holiday high.”  Birthday presents?  January babies have just received a bunch of gifts with the recent December holidays so surely they don’t need anything else, right?  New Year’s resolutions that include dieting and exercise make it difficult to feel like you can enjoy yourself this early in the year with a nice dinner or drinks.  Combined with frigid temps and snowy weather, January birthdays don’t necessarily make you want to party.  But you know what?  I don’t care – it’s still my birthday, and I’m still going to eat cake.

So this year, I’m going to make myself a cake.  It’s going to be covered in sprinkles and it’s going to be delicious.  My son and I made a similar cake on New Year’s Eve that inspired this post.  I decided to share a little preview of they type of birthday cake I plan to enjoy.  It’s super simple and very visually appealing.  I hope that you’ll try it for a future birthday of a loved one, young or old.

Step 1 ::  Bake a cake.  Rarely am I a make-it-from-scratch type of mama and I believe there’s nothing wrong with a little help from Betty Crocker.

Step 2 :: Choose your numbers.  Print out large numbers on card stock.  Cut out the numbers.  I used PicMonkey to create the 3s below and used Chunk Five font.


Step 3 :: Frost the cake.  Then, carefully place the card stock on the freshly iced cake.


Step 4 ::  Sprinkles.  Cover the freshly frosted cake with sprinkles all around the numbers.


Step 5 :: Remove the numbers.  Carefully remove the numbers.  Remove any runaway sprinkles with a knife and you’re done!  Enjoy your cake!

DoneHappy 33 to me and happy birthday to all the January mamas out there!


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2 Responses to Let Them Eat {Birthday} Cake

  1. Shari January 7, 2015 at 8:52 AM #

    Love it! Me & my little one both have January B-days! Everything you wrote is true! And cute cake!

  2. Amy
    Amy January 8, 2015 at 9:53 PM #

    Thanks Shari! Happy birthday!

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