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Kindness Rocks!

kindness rocksWe recently went out as a family and walked along a local hiking trail. As we continued on the path my son noticed a brightly colored treasure peeking out among the leaves. “What is that, mama?” he asked as I held up our find. It was a rock painted a vivid blue and inscripted with the word Peace. We found our first kindness rock!

Kindness rocks have been appearing all over our town this past summer, and it seems to be a trend that is making its way across the country. What are they? Uniquely painted rocks with words of inspiration or fun pictures that are hidden in various places to spread love and joy to others. When you find one, the direction might be to post it on a special Facebook page, re-hide it or keep it depending on the creator’s wishes. In our town, they can be found at our lake, at an elementary school or even the local Dairy Queen! Probably some of our best finds were on a rainy day at random indoor places.     

kindness rockWhy are these so special? The whole process is something that a mom can really embrace. The first step of creating the rocks makes for an entertaining indoor or outdoor project. Then, the hiding and finding of the rocks is like a big game of “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk” with all your neighbors. And you can’t forget to have mom check Facebook to see if anyone found your creations. Very exciting! 

Because we had a lot of fun with this new hobby, my daughter decided to paint rocks and hand them out to her classmates to celebrate her birthday at school. Since edible treats are a thing of the past, these kindness rocks were the perfect thing to take in for my little fourth grader. 

kindness rocksWant to get started creating and looking for your own kindness rocks? These sites might help: The Kindess Rocks Project website or FB page. Our town has their own Facebook group; you may want to search and see if yours does, too.

Have you ever created or found a kindness rock? Comment below with what yours would say.

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