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Hello Everybody! A Warm Welcome to Music Together of Fairfield County

With the many demands of parenting young children, we often feel underappreciated since most of our hard work gets overlooked. Some days we are just so-in-so’s mom. Just getting out of the house can sometimes feel like a huge obstacle. But some things are worth it!

“Hello everybody, we’re so glad to see you!” This is the warm and welcoming message you can expect to receive when you begin a Music Together class. Yes, you can get out with your little ones and enjoy a fun mommy-and-me class (daddies are welcome too!) that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Each class starts with the “Hello Song.” This song introduces all the children to the class, parents, and other children. It has also been sung by over 55,000 families in Fairfield County over the past 24 years with Music Together of Fairfield County director Jackie Jacobs and many of the talented registered Music Together teachers.

Their mission is to, “Make the world a better place…by making it more musical.” They have created communities of families who share in music making experiences that connect our hearts. Music can change lives, and halfway through the Spring Semester, I’ve learned that they are dedicated to helping children and parents learn new ways to bond and play with their children through making Music Together!

In our current Music Together class, we have children of all ages participating. Children are encouraged to laugh, sing, and explore music through instruments and movement. The instructors create an incredible and caring learning environment for all. For example, we have a six month old infant enrolled in the class. The instructor helps the mom make the most out of learning and feeling the music for her little one. Although the baby may not be able to do all the activities that some of the two year olds can, she feels and moves to the songs. This is a great example of their developmentally appropriate approach to teaching music to all children.

Every week my girls, my mother, and I look forward to our Music Together class. My twins are starting to sing “Hello Everybody!” among other songs we have been learning this session. They especially enjoy playing the various instruments in class and participating in our free dances. The classes are also a great way to learn through play and bring joy to the day. And the fun doesn’t end when we leave class. With the tuition you are given professional recordings to take home, and the music downloads on up to five devices. You also get an illustrated songbook with activity suggestions, digital access to the exclusive Family Music Zone, and a family guide to understanding music development in children.

Music in general is amazing and there is no better way to introduce it than Music Together. I’m already starting to see changes with my girls. We are so lucky that Music Together of Fairfield County offers such a great schedule. They offer a variety of class times and locations throughout Fairfield County, which makes getting to class incredibly easy. They also offer unlimited makeup sessions and bonus classes, which is a bonus for us parents since we need a lot of things to be flexible. There is also an option to try out a class to see what Music Together is all about. I highly recommend taking a class and seeing what a great experience Music Together can be. 

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for even more information on the program!

This post is sponsored by Music Together of Fairfield County, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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