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(Dis)abilities Awareness Month & Agencies That Assist Our Neighbors

This is a bit late in the month but it came to my attention that March is (Dis)abilities Awareness Month! I’m usually aware of special weeks or special days to honor certain conditions. However, I wasn’t aware the whole month was to acknowledge those who live with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  

Once my son came home from the hospital at around three months old, I realized he would need all sorts of services from Birth-To-Three and beyond. We were blessed to have amazing Birth-to-Three therapists from STAR Inc. as well as having him attend JumpStart in Stamford. Prior to his third birthday I was introduced to St. Vincent’s in Trumbull where he probably would have attended until he turned 18.

Over the past few years I have gotten more involved with STAR, Inc. and now realize how much it supports our neighbors with intellectual and/or development disabilities into adulthood and their senior years. It typically services a few towns of Fairfield County, but we are lucky there are several organizations that service different towns. Most of them provide employment training and placement, transition services, residential services, and day programs. 


Fun at the STAR, Inc.’s Annual Walk, Roll, and Stroll


STAR, Inc.’s Annual Walk, Roll, and Stroll takes place at Sherwood Island in Westport

Fairfield County Agencies

These are some great organizations in Fairfield County to volunteer with, donate to, or participate in their family friendly events:

These agencies are so important and necessary for our neighbors and their families. They provide services and support as well as respite for caretakers. Knowing your friend or family member is in a safe home or has a good job is invaluable. Please take a look and see if you can do something to get involved with an agency that services your town.  A little time volunteering or even small donations end up going a long way. And you can end up meeting some amazing new friends.

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