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and the Moms Who Live Here

Dear Mother on the Brink


I am right there with you sister. Your days are consumed with juggling all the pieces of your life, never feeling like you are doing any of them well. However, you try and you smile, sometimes serving breakfast for dinner just to make it through the day. You try to keep your cool through the daily surge of emails, each of them needing more of your time. Then the phone rings and a child is sick or there is a problem at work and the pieces come tumbling down.

This life you lead with so many people counting on you is no joke. But everyday you wake up and do it again. You always hope the weekend hours will go slower, the vacation week will last longer. You savor the tiny bits that are left after the work day, the school day, the chauffeuring to and from the endless activities. The sweet spot makes it all worth it, the giggles over a family joke, a shared story, the moment when you all just stop and breathe.

It’s okay to say no once in awhile. The tee-ball game will go on without you. Take that sick day when what you are really sick of is the pile of laundry about to topple over on your couch. It’s okay to go off the grid every so often and cancel those obligatory plans and just stop the rush for a beat. 

You may feel on the brink, you may feel close to losing it, but you are rocking this life. They don’t call it the “mother load” for nothing! So keep doing what you are doing and know that you are not alone. We are all right there with you trying our best to just keep it together.

Breathe, mother on the brink, tomorrow is a new day and you will be alright.

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