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Why Every Woman Needs Their “Golden Girls”

golden girls

I will admit, without shame or embarrassment, that I have watched every episode of “The Golden Girls” multiple times. The punch lines, come backs and crazy antics are seared into my memory, and I can recall them all at a moments notice. My family will know right away if I’ve had a trying day if they find me on the couch watching an episode. One time I had a mini-marathon going and my daughter came in and said, “Uh oh Mom did you have a bad day?” 

To me “The Golden Girls” is a show that withstands the test of time. The jokes never get old and the sheer fact that people of all ages love it speaks volumes. Don’t think for one moment that men are immune to it. I’ve caught my husband laughing at it more times than he would care to admit.

It got me thinking – why is this show great? Sure the actors are amazing and their banter is what primetime TV lives for, but I realize it’s something more than that. It’s a testament to our need for all types of people in our life. These girls represent the people we all should have around us. 

The Dorothy

This golden girl is the straight-shooter. The one who can take control of a situation. Your Dorothy might be the person you go to when you need sound advice on a big problem. She’s the rule follower. The smart one. Not just book smart, but street smart. She’s seen big problems and has overcome them. When you’re down, her sarcasm will lift you up. She won’t be the one to go out partying with you. She will be the one to pick you up if you’ve had too much to drink.

The Blanche

While this golden girl may not have as many boyfriends as the one depicted on TV, she’s still an important part of your life. She’s the one you go to when you’re having a bad day and need to cut loose. The one who, for a night, will make you forget all your problems. She’ll have no issues picking you up and taking you for a drink or out to dance your stress away. Maybe she’s not the most serious friend you have or the one you would turn to with a major life crisis. However, she is the friend who can easily make a bad day better.

The Rose

Let’s be honest – we all have a Rose in our life. Maybe she doesn’t come from Minnesota or grew up on a farm but we all know a Rose. Someone whose innocence is her most likable quality. The person who sees the inherit good in just not everyone, but the world. She will be the person who will help you see your life from a different perspective. She will always give you a positive outlook on a situation you didn’t think had one. Maybe she’s a little naive or child-like, but how great is it to have someone in your life that can see the world through a child’s eyes?

The Sophia 

I’m a little partial to this golden girl because I feel I’m the Sophia to a lot of people. Everyone needs a Sophia. The world needs a Sophia. Someone who says exactly what’s on her mind without censor. The person who will literally shoot you down and tell you exactly what she thinks. Even if it’s the opposite of what you want to hear. While her opinion might not always be the most popular, you know it’s the most truthful. Even with her quick comebacks and sometimes brutally honest personality, she loves you. She protects those close to her. You know she will have your back regardless of what she thinks of your actions. 

Your Golden Girls

What’s great about these girls, as opposed to “The Golden Girls” is that roles aren’t set in stone. One day your Sophia might be your Dorothy or Blanche and Rose might swap positions during a point in your life. Maybe one of your girls is a combo of the golden ones. The important part is that these girls are in your life. People you can count on – each for different things. They balance each other, they help each other, they have each others backs. They are your pal and confidant. So when you’re having a hard time in life, you can look to any of these girls and say, “Thank you for being a friend”.

Who are your “Golden Girls”?

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