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we all knowBeing a mom some days is just so hard. I wake up each day and do the best that I can for my family. But some days, my best just doesn’t feel good enough. I’m all about supporting women and creating a community of moms without judgment. But guess what? The one person I’m really judging is myself. Some days I just don’t think I’m doing this mommy thing right. Rationally I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but sometimes it’s impossible not to let all that mommy guilt take over.

I recently had an all-time bad day with my three kiddos. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with all the normal grownup problems. And NO ONE was listening to me! I mean, how many times can you ask for someone to pick up the dirty tissue they just threw on the bathroom floor? It was one of those days when you clean up the kitchen to find a bigger mess in the living room. And you finally fold that laundry to leave it on your bed for all of 30 seconds, and someone jumps all over it, and it’s back to a messy pile.

My frustration bubbled over, and I exploded. I yelled, and I screamed like never before! Then, of course, I immediately felt terrible, and to be honest, I just wanted to run away from it all. And for five minutes, I did. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried.

Later that night, my husband made me an unbelievable dinner in hopes of cheering me up. It looked so good, and without thinking, I snapped a pic and posted on Instagram, “After an all-time terrible day, it’s nice to get a special dinner made just for me.” Within minutes I got a text from a close mommy friend checking in to make sure I was okay, and later a voice message from another friend letting me know she was thinking of me.

Then my bestie stopped over the next morning with a coffee and donuts just for me. She didn’t say much but gave me the biggest hug and simply said, “You are a great mom. We all have days like that.” I didn’t even have to tell her what had happened, she just knew.

As moms, I think we all know. We all know that this journey we are on isn’t easy. We all know that we are human and act and react in ways that show we are vulnerable. There is no such thing as a supermom. Every mom has bad days. Every mom gets frustrated with their kids. Every mom needs time alone. Every mom can only handle so much. And every mom needs to know that they are never alone in their feelings.

So mama, please know that you are a great mom, and you are not alone! Pass it on!

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