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The Value of Friendship


I am confident to say that some of the most important people in our lives are our friends. Whether the friendship is based upon shared interests or past experiences, each friendship is unique. I have learned something from each friendship.

Family members will be with us indefinitely, whether we like it or not. But with effort, we can choose to establish equally close and long-lasting bonds with our friends. In fact, in some cases, our friendships can be stronger than those shared with our family members.

Sometimes it is easier to stay connected with certain friends because we are living in the same community, and we have family that lives in other states. I have friends that I have not been able to see in person for a few years but still maintain a special bond. Naturally, each friendship is unique and helps us bring out good character traits that make up our personalities.

Right now, as we all adjust to our new way of life amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a friend a mile away feels as far as one of my friends 5,000 miles away. However, I have vowed not to let social distancing impede my friendships. I continue to share the warmth and laughter with my friends. I spend more time on the phone connecting via FaceTime and tons of text messaging throughout the day. One friend may text me a tip on when a particular store has toilet paper back in stock, and another provides great arts and crafts ideas for the kids. I, on the other hand, remind them despite the feeling of repetition, and those moments where it is the 46th consecutive meal with your husband and children, to take a deep breath and enjoy this time as a family.

Friendships truly are invaluable and can be some of the best parts of our daily life. Just like a plant, they need to be watered and maintained to grow.

Sometimes it takes some work to keep our friends, so we don’t grow apart or lose touch. We should always remember to try to show appreciation. I try to make sure I do by texting or a simple phone call. Now the new norm is also trying some new areas of technology with Zoom for various happy hours with friends. Even my third grader has become accustomed to FaceTiming with her friends.

A genuine friendship brings joy for both parties and allows for great fun and memories, and it is just one of the ways we can all help one another during these uncertain times.

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