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Top 10 Ways to Stick to a Fitness Resolution

Most people are pretty good about making resolutions on January 1st. I also like to check-in on the first of each month to reevaluate, and re-start if necessary. What were your resolutions? How are they going? 

As moms, we usually put ourselves last. I know I don’t get my hair cut (or colored!) often, I don’t have enough “me” time and I rarely buy myself new clothes. The only exception I make to this is exercise. I make SURE to be selfish about this! (I should also state that my husband is super supportive of this, he knows that it makes me more patient).


While I am NOT a fitness professional, I take my workouts very seriously. (I did teach Stroller Strides for about 6 months when I was home with baby #1). Exercise is my only sanity some days, but I understand that not everyone is internally motivated. So…. here’s my top 10 list of ways to stay motivated to take care of those 2015 fitness resolutions!

#1 – Weekly Goals. Set a reasonable, challenging, yet attainable goal for each week. Say your goal is to exercise three times a week. If you meet this, reward yourself with something small, but tangible, like a cup of coffee on Friday or a manicure over the weekend. It does NOT matter where your fitness goals are. If you are aiming to walk for 15″ a few times a week, do it! Rock on!

#2 – Grab a friend!  Find a buddy (or even a Facebook group!) who has similar goals as you. The accountability and support I’ve found in friends is unmatched. I started the Stamford chapter of MRTT (Moms Run This Town) and although we are currently on a winter hibernation, we plan weekly runs (of various distances and paces) when the weather isn’t awful. It’s free – come find us on Facebook!16045_539032367824_6309014_n

#3 – Group fitness classes. Every gym has them, and some of them are even free. Try a Pure Barre or Soul Cycle class. They’re great for beginners and usually have a trial before you sign up for a large quantity of classes that you aren’t sure you’ll like! AmazonLocal, Groupon and LivingSocial always have great deals on gyms, spin studios, and CrossFit boxes. I’ve been an avid participant in Stroller Strides for nearly 3 1/2 years now. It alleviates the “what do I do with my child/baby/toddler/infant while I exercise?” plus I’ve met a lot of awesome mom friends.

#4 – New workout clothes. Let’s be honest. We workout more if we feel better. I’m currently loving crazy, multi-colored pants paired with simple, solid shirts or race tees. My personal favorites are from Old Navy, Target, Marshall’s and Kohl’s.IMG_9532

#5 – Sign up for a race! Now I know that this might seem intimidating for some. I still remember the nervousness I felt the night before my first few races. and RunningInTheUSA are great sites to find everything from a 5K for walkers to longer distances. I’ll usually email race directors to ensure I can push the stroller.10593071_860261092884_1665093023266143566_n

#6 – Jams. Spend a few bucks on iTunes or open a mix on YouTube! Good music is inspirational as you exercise. I don’t show many people what’s on my gym playlist because it’s slightly embarrassing. But, here you go (photo below):  Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.39.05 PM

# 7 – Magazines. The same ones I would pick up while getting a pedicure. Ha. Love a little celeb gossip or inspirational stories.IMG_9531

#8 – TV/Tablet. My mom used to walk on the treadmill during Oprah. It was her hour and exercising was easier when there was something interesting to watch. I worked my way through Breaking Bad and Homeland last year.

#9 – Schedule your workouts like you schedule meetings, dinner dates, or doctors appointment. This way you’re less inclined to cancel. Combine with #2 and it’s a double-win!

#10 – DVDs/Internet. In this day and age, there’s a plethora of options out there. I have a rotation  of DVDs (pilates, kickboxing, yoga, Jillian Michaels, Insanity) that I go through when my husband is traveling. I also heard that some gyms give you access to online fitness videos when you join? Whaaaaat? I LOVE the Nike Fitness Club app (iPhone) – it’s free and guides you through a variety of great workouts with minimal equipment!

[Bonus] #11 – Fitness tracker. I LOVE my Garmin Vivofit and my husband loves his FitBit. It’s interesting to note how many steps you take each day!

What are your 2015 fitness goals and what are your tips for reaching them? 

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  1. Clare February 3, 2015 at 11:55 AM #

    So true! I try to get myself some fun new workout gear every January to start the New Year off right. Congrats on your blogging gigs, my dear!

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