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To Pin or Not to Pin….That is My Obsession.


I don’t know about you, but I used to be a secret magazine hoarder.   Now, I’m a proud pinner on Pinterest, who actually tries probably 20% of the recipes I pin and makes an equal percentage of crafts with my toddler.  As I’m writing this post, I have 40 boards and almost 7,500 pins…like I said, pin much?  One thing I love about Pinterest is that it’s a true judgment free zone.

Want to pin 500 chocolate cake recipes and still use good old fashion box mix…rock on!  (Better yet, pick it up at the grocery store or bakery.)

Love to pin gourmet meals but can barely heat up microwave dinners? Who will ever really know?

For me, my most popular boards are “Future Michael Stuff” for my son (over 1,000 pins) and School Stuff (almost 1,000 pins).  I think I need to revisit them and delete a few.  I’m so glad that now Pinterest reminds you when you have already pinned a link because I have a funny feeling there is repeat in those boards…thanks to mid-night pinning while nursing for the first six months of my son’s life!

The A-maze-balls buffalo cups!

The A-maze-balls buffalo cups!

I like to try new recipes, and as long as it has buffalo sauce for my husband, he’s usually game.  In fact, I made some delicious soups, chilis, and even Super Bowl buffalo chicken cups, all figure friendly, that have helped me lose 45+ lbs over the past year.

It is also helpful when cooking for a toddler who has multiple allergies (dairy, egg, nuts, and shrimp).  He’s lucky I like to cook or he’d be stuck eating bread and water!  As for all those arts and crafts I pin, I actually don’t mind the mess and thanks to numerous snow days this winter, I’ve tried out a fair share.  I have learned that as long as you have flour, salt, and glue, you can pretty much create anything.

I meant to make a black cat like the one we have...but forgot to get black paint.

I meant to make a black cat like the one we have…but forgot to get black paint.

And, toddlers have an attention spam of about 10 minutes MAX, unless it’s something they aren’t supposed to be doing.

I even have a board dedicated to new exercises I like to think I will try…and sometimes I actually do!  Yes, I am that crazy woman you see walking around the gym with multiple pieces of paper and a pencil, who tapes them to the treadmill while running or to the mirror while weight training.   Trust me, it’s safer for everyone this way.

My two favorite boards are the one dedicate to future birthday parties for my son and my personal style improvement.  I love them both for two totally different reasons.  My son’s birthday is in July, and I love it!  As someone whose birthday falls two days before Christmas, it’s nice to have a party that you don’t have to compete with the Big Guy, holiday trips, or weather.  Plus, I love to throw a good party but rarely have the opportunity to go all out.

Yup..this was me at 5:30 AM using train cookie cutters to 'cut'  watermelon for a 2 year old party.

Yup..this was me at 5:30 AM using train cookie cutters to ‘cut’ watermelon for a 2 year old party.

The other board, ‘One Day I Might be Cool Enough to Wear This’ is an inspiration board of fashion.  This is something I struggle with, a lot.  I have never been one who enjoyed shopping or dressing up or really even talking clothes.  It’s just not my thing.  Thanks to Pinterest though, I can pretend to have good taste, especially thanks to all the good dressers I follow.  Every once and a while I will actually woman up and buy a copycat outfit, rock it, and get complemented on it.  (There’s a pretty high chance it will have some shade of green in it, as I’m slightly obsessed with wearing that color.)

The second part of my pinning obsession is posting my results on Facebook or Instagram.  I do this to prove you can pin a dream and make it happen…most of the time…even if it doesn’t always look as nice as the original.

So, do you pin?  What’s your obsession?



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