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To My Best Friend As She Becomes a Mom

Dear Best Friend From Life,

We go way back. Far enough that we aren’t “college friends” or even “friends from high school.” We are friends from life. You have always been there – another sister to me. One of my oldest but clearest memories is the day that your family pulled into the driveway at the house next door and I ran over to introduce myself and ask who your favorite member of NKOTB was. Since that day nearly 30 years ago (forget I said that – ahh!), you have been a great friend to me.  

You and I have been through lots of different phases together. After surviving the fashion of the late 80’s and early 90’s, we made it through our orange “blond” hair and bangs phase, and then survived college when so many things could have pulled us apart. We had a blast in our 20s, but then I got married and had babies and our nights out turned into nights in at my house drinking wine and making dinner while the babies slept (or didn’t). You were a rock for me when I needed you most. Those early days of parenting were some of the hardest days I have ever seen, and you didn’t hesitate when I called you in for back-up.

best friend

Soon this will be you!

Now it is your turn to become a mother, and I am ready to be called on for whatever you need me to be.  

This month your life will change forever in the most intense way possible. The highs and lows are strong, but you are stronger. You will have moments when you think that you can’t make one more decision or change one more diaper or stay awake for one more second. Call me. I’ll help. I’ll make the decision. I’ll cook the dinner. I’ll bring the wine! I’ll hold the baby so you can take a shower or a nap or get a manicure. I’ll babysit while you go out with your husband (Don’t forget about him!). I’ll do what you did for me. I’ll be there to make it feel just a little bit like it used to feel before your world was flipped upside down by that beautiful baby girl.

As you leap head first transition into this world of motherhood, know that you have a support system in place. Know that you are not alone, and your “village” awaits. All you have to do is call. So pack your hospital bag, put up your feet and try to get some rest. In just a few short weeks the tables will turn and I will get to be there for you like you were for me. I hope I can be half the friend you were to me when I needed you most.  


Your Best Friend From Life

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One Response to To My Best Friend As She Becomes a Mom

  1. Meg Reilly December 4, 2017 at 9:07 PM #

    Oh my god, I love this!!! I remember, too, when they moved in and I cherish the knowledge that you had a next-door neighbor who is still there. I, too, can pitch in because I’m nearby. Watching my girls grow up and now watching your friends grow up too is just wonderful.

    Motherhood is an amazing club to join and the fact that it never ends is a joy and a blessing.

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