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This Connecticut Mom Gave a Couple in Amsterdam the Gift of a Lifetime

There’s an agency right here in Fairfield, Connecticut that’s giving families all over the world the gift of a lifetime.

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is one of Connecticut’s first full-service surrogacy matching agencies, and they’ve helped hundreds of families grow via gestational surrogacy over the past 13 years.

Our favorite surrogacy story from Worldwide Surrogacy features an amazing Connecticut mom who helped an Amsterdam couple fulfill their dream of building a family.

When Henrik & Balazs Met Molly

Amsterdam couple Henrik and Balazs knew from the moment they met Molly that she would be in their lives forever.

In 2017, Molly was working at a Connecticut fertility clinic when Henrik and Balazs arrived from Amsterdam. The couple were researching their family-building options—and coincidentally, Molly was doing the same.

“I have a uterus, I’m done with my own babies, and I want to be able to help someone too,'” Molly said. She started researching surrogacy, and eventually filled out a surrogacy application to begin her first journey.

When Molly was approved to become a gestational surrogate, her very first proposed match just happened to be Henrik and Balazs. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to pursue their journey together because she was working at the same fertility clinic where they were creating their embryos.

The couple and Molly parted ways, but they never forgot each other.

Molly completed her first surrogacy journey in the summer of 2018, delivering a healthy baby girl for a Belgian couple. She had such an incredible experience that she was inspired to join the Worldwide Surrogacy team shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Henrik and Balazs were facing a few challenges. Unfortunately, despite the average embryo transfer success rate (roughly 40% on average), they experienced four failed embryo transfers with their surrogate.

That’s when Molly came back into their lives.

Watch the rest of their amazing story below in this exclusive video from Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists:

2019 Henrik Balasz Molly Surrogacy Journey from Worldwide Surrogacy on Vimeo.

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