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What I’d LIKE to Hear During My Pregnancy

PregnancyThere are so many articles about what not to say to pregnant women. Hey, I’m even guilty of writing them. During this pregnancy, I find myself noticing that the comments aren’t necessarily bothersome, but they are mostly about how I look. Honestly, who cares? I don’t care if you think I look like I’m having a girl, which I am, because I look wide (yes, someone said this).

During pregnancy there is so much focus on how pregnant women look. We’re missing the point. Pregnancy is not about how mom looks. Pregnancy is about preparing for a new love in your life. If you happen to look wide while preparing for your new love, oh well. Rather than belly talk, I’d much rather hear the following:

“I’m so excited to meet the baby.” Yep, let’s just talk about the baby. I love thinking about meeting the baby, so any chat about the newest addition to our family is always welcome. Baby talk is a reminder about why my body is not my own right now. Baby topics I will never tire of:

  • Baby kicks. I still find it amazing to feel her moving. Each little knee or elbow gets me more excited. I am pretty sure I felt her butt the other day. How cool is that?
  • Who will she look like? I wonder if she’s going to be a carbon copy of my older daughter. I can’t wait to find out. My first was completely bald when born, so I wonder if this one will have hair.
  • What’s the plan for those first few weeks? I’m a super planner (even though I realize things rarely adhere to those plans), so any logistic talk is interesting to me.
  • What are you most excited about? My baby fever has kicked way in. I see a baby, and I want to smell it (is that just me?). I can’t wait for the first time she holds my hand, the first time she opens her eyes, the first burp, the first hiccup, the first smile, the first tooth, the first time she rolls over….I’m excited for it all, and I love thinking/talking about it.

So, next time you cross paths with an expectant mom, maybe skip the normal, “You look great” talk and chat about the newest love of her life.

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