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The Poetry of Motherhood

April is National Poetry Month. As an English teacher, I’m obviously all about celebrating this form of art. However, as a mom, I don’t often have time to create my own verses.

While we are in constant motion, our life is poetry, and all we need are a few minutes to get the words down. A few words here on our phone. A few words there on some random receipt, journal on our nightstand, or torn page of a coloring book. We all have time to scribble a few lines about our mom life.

I challenged myself and my fellow Fairfield County moms to start off simply with very structured haikus. There’s something fun about taking ourselves back to elementary school as we count syllables on our fingers. As a reminder, haikus consist of three lines, with 5 syllables in 1st line, 7 in 2nd line, and another 5 in the final line. They accomplish so much in such a small window of time and space. Sounds like motherhood, am I right?

Please enjoy our collection below. You’ll find some overlapping words and ideas, but that’s the beauty of motherhood. We share similar experiences and a common language, and it’s poetic all the same.

Haikus by some of the FCMB contributors:

“Where I Draw the Line” by Maria F.
Minivan, I’ve got.
Make-up? Maybe once a month.
Mom cut, though? Not yet…

“An Answer of Sorts” by Maria F.
Kid two keeps asking,
“How’d the baby get in there?”
“Science,” I tell him.

“Sleepless in CT” by Daria
Mom of two littles.
Tired is my middle name.
Coffee, I love you.

“Morning Rush” by Abby
Every day the same.
Rush to leave the house on time.
Lessons never learned!

“Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 2” by Lisa
Cookies for a Mouse
Paddington, Wimpy Kid, Fudge
Mommy, read one more!

We snuggle in bed
Fleeting chapters of childhood
Harry Potter waits.

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” by Elisabeth P.
I wanted meatballs!
Or tacos or spaghetti!
Won’t eat this stir fry…

“Ode to My Dishwasher” by Maria S.
Dishwasher, you rock!
Heat. Sanitize, till you drop
Please hubby, unload.

“Ode to the Preteen” by Stephanie
Eyes roll. Big loud sigh.
Questioning my sanity.
“Mom, you are so lame!”

“Potty Antics” by Stephanie
No more diaper change.
Independent miss. But then:
“Mom, come wipe my butt!”

“Empower Her” by Caitlin
“You’re so beautiful!”
“Mom says I’m smart and strong, too.”
She’s been listening.

“Your Vote Matters” by Caitlin 
She’d just turned eighteen.
She knew what she had to do. 
Off to register.

“Diaper Will Do” by Hilary
Potty, shiny white.
Doo doo there, maybe today?
No, diaper will do.

“The Balancing Act” by Michelle, co-owner
Always on the go.
Fueled by coffee and red wine.
Juggling everything.

“Sleepless Nights” by Kate S.
Up all night again
Squirming and kicking my back
Snoring sweetly now

“First Kicks” by Kate S.
You, from soft flutters
To rolling waves that crash and
Tremble my core, move.

“Personal Space with Children” by Erika
I’d like to sit down
But when I finally do
You’re on top of me

“Naptime” by Erika
Please please nap today
To the gypsies you will go
If you do not sleep

“Ode to Target” by Aarika 
Roaming in Target,
finding things I don’t need, but
it just feels so right.


“In This Together” by Aarika
We are all moms, so
let’s be kind to each other
in this crazy life.


Mother Runner” by Nikki 
Fresh air on my face
Sweat, breath, exhilarating
Gives me Mom patience


#momlife by Brian, Nikki’s husband
The struggle is real
However, they are my world
Everyday is new

Haikus by some of our readers:

“Bittersweet” by Kim P.
My favorite part
Is watching them grow and learn,
But it goes too fast.

“#thestruggleisreal” by Carrie P.
Go to sleep right now!
Why must you take forever?
I want mommy time.

“Working Mom Woes” by Jen
Growing way too fast
Working mom misses too much
Wish we had more time

“Motherhood Motives” by Stephanie G.
Cutest face I see 
Exhausted beyond belief
Coffee saves my life

“Alone Time” by Heather
What do you want now?
I want to poop by myself!
Need drink already.

“Slime Invasion” by Lisa M-P
Really, slime again???
Oh where is my shaving cream?
Glitter everywhere!

“Is this thing on?” by Linda
What did I just say?
You’re too young to ignore me.
Are you listening?

“What a Nightmare” by Suzanne
Kids who can nap, don’t.
Parents who need naps, cannot.
I just want more sleep.

“Slow Down” by Lauren
Joy and sacrifice.
Too busy to enjoy it
Wishing to freeze time.

A range of poems by professional poets:

In honor of National Poetry Month, I hope you take some more time to click on the links below and read some beautiful poems (not haikus!) by professional poets. Each poem is about mothering in some way, from celebrating all that mothers accomplish to capturing the awe of raising children. Appreciate the lines and find some inspiration to keep writing your own! 

“Acrobat” by Elise Paschen 

“Mother” by Lola Ridge

“To My Mother” by Robert Louis Stevenson  

“Mother’s Day” by David Young

“What I Learned from My Mother” by Julia Kasdorf

“To a Child” by Sophie Jewett

“Things I Will Tell My Children about Destiny” by Cynthia Manick

“Hurry” by Marie Howe

“After the First Child, the Second” by Mary Austin Speaker 

“Reading Goodnight Moon” by Maureen Doallas

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