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How Tech Helps Me

As a mother, there are lots of things to be judged on, and the use of technology is one of them. I’ve received negative comments and gasps that my child is allowed screen time and judgmental stares if I attempt to stop my child mid-sentence to pick up a phone call.

Here is how the use of technological devices/gadgets and apps have made my life easier as a parent and a person. 


I started using this app sometime in 2015, and it has been a staple on my devices. This is a period tracker, and I don’t know about you, but my period was somewhat unpredictable at times. During the trying to conceive phase, I believe it helped a great deal. Check it out. They are always updating the app.

Google Home Mini

There are other devices out there; Alexa and HomePod, among others. My google assistant helps me from the start of my day, reminding me to take vitamins and giving weather updates. For my little one, we use sleep sounds for nap and bedtime (by simply saying, “Ok Google what does the ocean sound like?” your space is filled with soothing ocean sounds).

Another great thing for my little one is the ability to hear stories read aloud. While I do get animated when telling stories, the novelty of playing a story, one we may have never heard before, captivates my son and holds his attention. When cooking, it also helps with recipes and multiple timers. 


You can use an Android Tablet as well, there are countless educational apps for our young learners. With guided access and no commercials, I would say this is a win-win situation. (All those commercials can potentially leave or little ones singing the” I want song”). 


This can be used as an activity tracker, heart monitor, or an extension of your smartphone. While running or simply playing with your little one, you can know if it is an urgent call or if it should go to voicemail. 

Whatever device you feel most comfortable using, as long as it makes life easier, I say go for it.

Did I miss anything? What do you like to use?

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