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2018 Fitness, Health & Wellness Guide

2018 is here and all those New Year's resolutions are in full effect. Why not make this the year that you set yourself as a priority!? Not sure where to begin? Fairfield County Moms Blog is here to help! We have partnered with Fairfield County’s top fitness, health and wellness providers to give you the 2018 Fairfield County Moms [...]
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mommy and me

Looking For Something To Do? – A List Of “Mommy and Me” Classes

Living with babies and toddlers can be overwhelming at times when you are constantly worried about feeding, naps, changing, and chasing them around. “Mommy/Daddy and Me” classes can be a great source of enrichment for the little ones and a great way for you to socialize. They also give you a reason to get out of […]

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Mindful Resolution

Did you know that mindfulness is the practice of a moment-to-moment, nonjudgmental awareness? According to the nonprofit TED organization 2015 speaker and psychiatrist/addiction specialist, Judson Brewer, mindfulness techniques can help quell unhealthy cravings. Say hello to a new way to support your New Year’s resolutions like eating better, exercising more and maintaining your cool with […]

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Heart Centered Holidays

Heart Centered Holidays: Yoga to Transform Emotionality

The holidays should be a time of joy, celebration, and connecting with loved ones, but navigating them can sometimes feel like an emotional roller-coaster ride. One minute, you’re laughing with family during a festive feast, the next you’re in tears, overwhelmed by some challenging memory of the past. Try this restorative pose and heart-opening meditation […]

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