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How Tech Helps Me

As a mother, there are lots of things to be judged on, and the use of technology is one of them. I’ve received negative comments and gasps that my child is allowed screen time and judgmental stares if I attempt to stop my child mid-sentence to pick up a phone call. Here is how the […]

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Unsubscribing in the New Year

One of the first things I do in the morning is open my email inbox on my phone. For better or worse, it has become a habit. I rationalize that this mindless habit is beneficial because I can address any work issues that may need an immediate response. In reality, I still check my email […]

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Blog Cover - Mar 2019 Podcasts

Podcast Musts for Moms

Lately I’ve been loving the convenience and portability of podcasts. I love that I can tune in or tune out with the click of a button. I listen in the car, while cleaning up the kitchen, even sometimes before bed. I’ve gotten some really great advice, some good laughs, and no matter what issue I’m […]

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How to KonMarie Your Digital Life (1)

KonMaring your Digital Life

If you can’t open up your dresser without asking yourself if your t-shirts “spark joy,” you’ve probably already binge-watched Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Everybody (and we mean everybody) has been all over Marie Kondo and her tidying method dubbed the “KonMari Method.” If you’re unaware (aka living under a rock), Kondo is a renowned tidying […]

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digital diet

The Digital Diet & Why Your Family Needs To Know About It

This post was sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.In a world full of smartphones, tablets and apps, it can sometimes feel impossible to unplug. But the truth is, our everyday technology habits are threatening the speech, language and hearing of our children. So what can be done to […]

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