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Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine!

Parenthood really redefines the meaning of the word “tired.” This morning I nearly put breastmilk in my coffee, having collected it in the handy new Haakka pump (where was that 8 years ago?). The Haakka looks much like a milk pitcher, hence my instinct to just add it to my coffee. Luckily I caught myself just […]

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The 5 Reasons Why Motherhood Feels Like Halloween

I never understood why certain life experiences were conveyed as ‘feeling like the holidays.’ Have you ever heard someone describe something ‘good’ by saying that ‘it felt like Christmas morning?’ But now, being a mom, I have to admit—I finally get it. Because motherhood does remind me a lot of a holiday! Only, to me, it doesn’t quite equate to […]

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