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summer camp

Summer Camp 2020: The Decision

Camp? It’s the one question that I’m sure a lot of parents are currently struggling with. Yours truly included. Specifically, am I going to send my kid to camp this summer?  As of now, Connecticut summer day camps are legally allowed to open at the end of June. Many have shuttered due to the regulations […]

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car seat safety

Car Seat Safety 101

Did you know 3 out 4 car seats nationally are used incorrectly, and 93% of newborns leave the hospital not using their seat properly?  What about the fact that, “Every 33 seconds, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many times deaths […]

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The Sad Reality of Lockdown Practices

The email subject from my daughter’s principal read Lockdown Drill PRACTICE. I saw the capitalized letters, but my heart had already dropped at the first word. Lockdown. My little kindergartener had practiced a lockdown. The tears were already forming in my eyes. My daughter was safe. But I wasn’t there to keep her safe. My […]

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car seat

New CT Car Seat Laws

This post was sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.As you may know, earlier this fall, Connecticut’s new car seat law took effect. Many of you may still have questions. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center created this great, step by step video, to help explain exactly what changed about the […]

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What Did Sophie Ever Do To Us?

Sophie La Girafe holds a special place in my heart. I know you are judging me for saying such a thing about a child’s teething toy – I get it, believe me. But honestly, she does. My daughter has loved her Sophie from about the time she could finally grasp onto something. Sophie went everywhere with […]

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winter running pic

Winter Running

Winter running can bring solitude and beauty to your weekly exercise routine. However, it does take some extra planning and gear to keep your runs fulfilling and enjoyable through more extreme weather. 1. What to Wear? I am truly believer in the adage, “There is no bad running weather, just bad gear.” If you wear the […]

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