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postpartum self-care

Postpartum Self-Care Survival Guide

Recently in the media, there has been more “real talk” about postpartum recovery and what to expect after the baby makes his/her exit. Whether via c-section or vaginal delivery, a mother’s body can be somewhat worn out post-birth. I had two c-sections followed by vaginal delivery, and I felt fairly unprepared postpartum with both modes […]

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Blog Cover - May 2019 Postpartum

The Latest Resources for Postpartum Support in Fairfield County

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week takes place the first week of May each year. The 2019 theme is #MakingOverMotherhood with the goal of “making over” the image of “perfect motherhood and the notion moms can do it all without support.”  Every year, during this month, we aim to provide a list of postpartum support services and […]

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The 5 Reasons Why Motherhood Feels Like Halloween

I never understood why certain life experiences were conveyed as ‘feeling like the holidays.’ Have you ever heard someone describe something ‘good’ by saying that ‘it felt like Christmas morning?’ But now, being a mom, I have to admit—I finally get it. Because motherhood does remind me a lot of a holiday! Only, to me, it doesn’t quite equate to […]

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