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Blog Cover - May 2019 Postpartum

The Latest Resources for Postpartum Support in Fairfield County

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week takes place the first week of May each year. The 2019 theme is #MakingOverMotherhood with the goal of “making over” the image of “perfect motherhood and the notion moms can do it all without support.”  Every year, during this month, we aim to provide a list of postpartum support services and […]

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Postpartum Support in Fairfield County

You’re Not Alone, Mama! – Postpartum Support Services in Fairfield County

Having a child has been the hardest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced. Life, as you know it, changes completely. You’re left trying to put the pieces of a puzzle back together but they don’t fit the way they used to. All of a sudden there are extra pieces, ones you could swear belong to […]

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