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infant ear molding

Infant Ear Molding

This post was sponsored by Jandali Plastic Surgery. Thank you for supporting our sponsors. As moms we research everything and anything once our newborn arrives. However, often times, simple procedures are overlooked because we just don’t know about them. We interviewed Dr. Shareef Jandali of Jandali Plastic Surgery to find out more about infant ear molding. […]

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new mom

Things I Won’t Tell a New Mom

  Dear New Mom, How excited are you? And nervous? And anxious? And just…curious?! As you a get ready for your new arrival, you are probably being inundated with advice, information, and personal anecdotes galore. Just remember that while some of this advice is well-meaning, most of it is probably unsolicited and all of it […]

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first year

The First Year Is Not the Hardest

“The first year is the hardest.” I sit here writing this post five years into parenting. This is my take. The first year is not the hardest. Not even a little. It’s the easiest, by a landslide. Maybe I’m just lucky, and my kids were unusually easy babies. Or maybe I’ve conveniently blocked out each […]

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