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A Dummies Guide to GMOs

      In the past few years the term Genetically Modified Organisms, aka GMOs, seems to have taken over the media.  We’ve been blasted with anti GMO campaigns, bombarded with negative long-term effects, and scared into buying organic.  If you’re like me (and many Americans) you try your best to buy organic whenever possible […]

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Newborn Must Haves

As my due date approaches and my husband and I start to get the new nursery ready, I’m remembering all the things a newborn needs.  When I was pregnant with Lylah I read countless articles, blogs and sought advice from veteran Moms.  This time, I am the veteran Mom so I’ve been forced to think […]

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New Beginnings and Reflections of a New Mother

Birth is a beginning And death a destination. And life is a journey: From childhood to maturity And youth to age; From innocence to awareness And ignorance to knowing; From foolishness to discretion And then, perhaps, to wisdom; From weakness to strength Or strength to weakness- And, often, back again; From health to sickness And […]

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Meet Ellie!

My name is Ellie and I just became a new Mom on December 4, 2012 to the most beautiful baby girl. Before I became a Mom I spent many years teaching Nursery School, Hebrew school, and working with middle school and high school kids as a youth advisor. After all the experience taking care of […]

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