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conversations to avoid

“Does Your Baby Sleep Through the Night?” and Other Conversations I’d Rather Avoid

“Your baby is such a doll! Does he sleep through the night?” “Looks like a new baby! Is he a good eater?” So many times a day, complete strangers ask me these questions as a means of making small talk. Last week, I even had a woman I don’t know, interrupt me in conversation with […]

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Three's Company

Three’s Company: Two vs. Three Children

So you have two beautiful children, and you are feeling good about life and things are manageable. But there is that nagging question…should we shoot for a third? We were there. We had pro and con lists, many marital discussions and looked to friends for advice and inspiration. In the end, the universe gifted us […]

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The 5 Stages of Preparing for Back to School

As a teacher, August seems like a perpetual Sunday.  If you are like me and often face the “Sunday Scaries,” then you should know what I am talking about. August is like a countdown back to schedules, to packing lunches, fighting over getting homework done, running from activity to activity, and of course all of this […]

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sibling rivalry

Survival of the Fittest? Sibling Rivalry At Its Finest

I grew up the second oldest in a family of four. I have two brothers and a sister and we are all four years apart. Growing up we were pretty close and shared so many fun memories of family trips, weekly dinners and our 1980s basement antics complete with Nintendo 64, VHS movies of “Goonies” and […]

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