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different love letter

A Different Kind of Love Letter

A few years ago, I was sitting on my therapist’s couch, crying that I couldn’t find “my tribe.” You know, the one everyone talks about. One of my very good friends had just moved to a different town, and it may as well have been a different country. I was sinking even before she moved, […]

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UltimateGuide toFriendships

Ultimate Guide to Friendships

Making New Friends Mommy Dating 101 How to Make Friends FAST Finding Your Tribe Finding New Mommy Friends Mom Dating Welcoming New Families to Your CommunityFostering Friendships 9 Friends Every Mama Needs Moms Need Friends Too Teaching My Daughter About Friendship Facebook Friendships Virtual is Reality Keeping Non-Mom Friends I'm a Bad FriendMoving On Ending [...]
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mom's journey

One Mom’s Journey To Find Herself

 I would like to invite you to take part on my mom journey. Being part of the Fairfield County Moms Blog shows me that once we embrace our passion, the doors open wide with opportunities to connect with others who have embraced theirs as well. I would like to share a bit about the mom journey that […]

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Finding Your Tribe

As a newbie at this whole mom thing and a stranger in a new town I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my “mom tribe.” This mom tribe is the group of moms you rely on for just about everything. They are the people you go to when you need support, the people you tell about […]

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