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mommy life

The School of Mommy Life

Going through the school of mommy life requires that we all do homework and take tests. How we respond to those tests show our true character! We all face challenges because life happens. Passing the test is not as important as our attitude through the tests. Mommy life is a journey full of unpredictable circumstances that […]

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mom's journey

One Mom’s Journey To Find Herself

 I would like to invite you to take part on my mom journey. Being part of the Fairfield County Moms Blog shows me that once we embrace our passion, the doors open wide with opportunities to connect with others who have embraced theirs as well. I would like to share a bit about the mom journey that […]

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5 things

5 Things My Kids Hate and I Love

As my husband was bear hugging my 3 year old tonight so I could trim his dirt-encrusted fingernails I thought “Man, these kids don’t know what they’re missing!” Maybe it’s because they’re boys. Maybe there’s been a miraculous change over the last three decades of my life. Maybe they’ll grow to enjoy some of these and […]

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The Minimalist Mom-Drobe: May Black & White

Motherhood forces gently nudges you to simplify absolutely everything in your life. This is true whether you’re a working mom or SAHM (I’ve been both). The time slot to dress yourself in the morning evaporates grows instantly narrower. Not to mention, even nine months after giving birth and dropping (almost) all of my pregnancy weight, […]

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