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There’s a Printable For That

Calling all Type-A’s and Enneagram 1’s! Seriously, though, aren’t all moms on a never-ending quest to make life a little easier? The mental load of motherhood is a lot to carry, and I don’t know about you, but when I’m organized, I feel 100% more capable of handling whatever the week is about to throw […]

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kitchen gadgets

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

As a mom, we often spend a lot of time tending to our families. We are either cleaning up, shuttling children, doing laundry, or making the “fifth meal” of the day for one of our hungry kids. While many of us may feel like we are always in the kitchen cooking or prepping the next […]

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thankful turkey

A November Gratitude Practice for Kids

Last year, I was looking for ways to help my kids understand what is really important about the holiday season, from as young an age as possible. I decided to start a gratitude practice with my kids during the month of November. My youngest was 14 months old at the time so she didn’t fully […]

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toddler mom hack

The Best Toddler Mom Hack Ever

I thought life with one toddler was hard. Two? Next level. Three? I can only imagine (and am not planning to find out).  I have two kids under 4. They are pretty typical as far as toddlers are concerned – bouncing off the walls, feeling all of the emotions all the time, and constantly snacking, […]

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