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Once Upon a Pocketbook

“I love you,” he said, putting his beer down on the bar and turning to look right into my eyes. I had been waiting to hear these words practically since the moment he walked into my studio apartment in his retro Levis and pressed navy button-down shirt five months earlier. Jeff was not the typical […]

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When I was eight years old, my father almost got us killed in New York City. Long story short, we were going to visit a great-aunt in Hell’s Kitchen (the name itself should have been a clue) and my father pulled our red station wagon into a parking spot that a “local” man had apparently […]

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It’s Not JUST a Name

My daughter’s name is Abbie, not Abigail. My son’s name is Charlie, not Charles. Their names are not just Abbie and Charlie. Their names are real and full, and they are the names my husband and I chose for them. They are the names that define their very existence. So please respect their names as […]

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