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Grandmas: The Unsung Heroes

Who would I be as a mother if it weren’t for my mom and mother-in-law? How would I survive? Who would I lean on? My mom, who my kids affectionately call “Lolli” and my mother in law who lovingly goes by “Grandma” have truly been my anchor since some days I feel like I am floating […]

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For the Love of Siblings

I have two siblings. I am the oldest. I am four years older than my brother, and he is four years older than my sister. It seems so perfectly planned and well spread out. My mom was a stay-at-home mom until my sister went to Kindergarten, and with the four-year space between us, she got […]

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Father's Day lessons

Here’s to the Dads

Happy Father’s Day to new dads, old dads, dads that are no longer with us, dads-in-law, granddads, uncle dads, stepdads, and ‘like a dad’ dads! There are so many different types of fathers out there, and today we salute you! Today we thank the dads who offer endless support and dedication to their family. Today […]

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last words from my dad

Last Words From My Dad

“You know, being a parent isn’t as easy as you think, you’ll see.” Those were some of the last words my dad ever spoke to me during a heated conversation. If anyone has met me, you might understand how a motorcycle driving, leather vest clad man and I never saw eye to eye. My dad […]

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Grandparenting Joy

One of the unexpected delights of parenting for me – and I think for my husband, too – has been seeing how much joy our children bring to our own parents. Before having kids, of course, we assumed that our parents would adore their grandchildren, but once you actually get to witness the sheer joy […]

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Everyone’s Best Friend

Frederic the Great nailed this one for sure, dogs are a man’s best friend. But I truly believe they are everyone’s best friend! On top of being loyal, smart, and protective, they are also proven to reduce stress. Of the 135 million pets in homes across America, 60.2 million are dogs. In our home, we […]

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mothers unite

Mothers Unite

Start from within. By now, we are all so aware of the current climate as it pertains to the ongoing protests in the United States. I am a Black woman, a black mother, a black friend, a black neighbor, a black coworker, and a black entrepreneur. As the news and social media become populated with […]

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2020

We all can think back as children, giving cards to our mothers on this occasion and remembering to say, “Happy Mother’s Day.” However, now there is new meaning since it’s something we get to celebrate as mothers ourselves. I never fully understood or appreciated that warm and fuzzy feeling until I became a mom. And […]

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