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It Took a Pandemic

I was so busy before COVID. I had a job. I had errands. I had therapy. I had families who needed me. I had schools and daycares that needed me. I had students that needed me. Parents and grandparents that needed me. I had scheduled Grandma visits to lend a hand with my own kids. […]

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Schitt's Creek

We Should All Live In Schitt’s Creek

The world today is different. The world today is scary. Uncertainty, anger, and frustration are all emotions I’ve been feeling daily. I’m sad for my children, my extended family, and friends. Most of all, I’m sad for those who have it a lot harder than me for the simple fact that they look different, or […]

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I Thought I’d Be Better At This

I thought I’d be better at this. One thing’s for certain, I’m not a patient person. I envy those who are. Those people who can get stopped at all the red lights day after day and not bat an eye. Those who can wait in lines at the grocery store and just chat it up […]

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Father's Day lessons

Here’s to the Dads

Happy Father’s Day to new dads, old dads, dads that are no longer with us, dads-in-law, granddads, uncle dads, stepdads, and ‘like a dad’ dads! There are so many different types of fathers out there, and today we salute you! Today we thank the dads who offer endless support and dedication to their family. Today […]

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It’s Autism

It’s Autism. After years of doctors saying, “He’s a boy, he’ll catch up,” and meeting baseline criteria for development, you have a diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder. In your heart, you knew it all along. There was just something different about him as a baby. Something more than the delayed walking and feeding. He was easy. […]

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motherhood journey

My Path Is Not Set

Throughout your life, you reinvent yourself. Every new school grade brought new friends and a new environment. Summers spent at camps mixed you with a new crowd. And college can just completely change who you are. All the time, growing, changing, evolving, becoming the person you eventually grow up to be. But then there you […]

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