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The Value of Friendship

I am confident to say that some of the most important people in our lives are our friends. Whether the friendship is based upon shared interests or past experiences, each friendship is unique. I have learned something from each friendship. Family members will be with us indefinitely, whether we like it or not. But with […]

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little women

We Are All Little Women

Little Women was nominated for six Oscars, and deservedly so. I’m not writing this post to complain about why I wish it had won more than Best Costume Design. I’m also not here as an English teacher, analyzing the merits of Greta Gerwig’s artistic liberties with adapting Louisa May Alcott’s classic. I’m here to try […]

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different love letter

A Different Kind of Love Letter

A few years ago, I was sitting on my therapist’s couch, crying that I couldn’t find “my tribe.” You know, the one everyone talks about. One of my very good friends had just moved to a different town, and it may as well have been a different country. I was sinking even before she moved, […]

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lost sparkle

I Lost My Sparkle

Recently I took a weekend away from my family to spend time with two of my sorority sisters. As I traveled into the city on the train alone, I realized it was the first time in a long time that I felt free. Free from work responsibilities, children, my husband; pretty much everything that I […]

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thankful for mom tribe

Thankful for My Village

All too often when people see me with my three children the one question they ask is, “Do you have any help?” I say no and many tend to delve deeper. They ask about my parents – deceased, my siblings – none, my husband’s parents – deceased, and his siblings – a brother also deceased. […]

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