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What Did Sophie Ever Do To Us?

Sophie La Girafe holds a special place in my heart. I know you are judging me for saying such a thing about a child’s teething toy – I get it, believe me. But honestly, she does. My daughter has loved her Sophie from about the time she could finally grasp onto something. Sophie went everywhere with […]

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A Is For…Anxiety

I feel the word “anxiety” is a word that gets used a lot. I’m sure you’ve heard (or even said yourself), “I have such bad anxiety,” or “This makes me anxious.” Anxiety can be common for many, it can also be a very severe issue for others. I had my first daughter in 2009 and […]

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Mix It Up!: A Favorite Book and Activity

I always like reading recommendations for things-to-do that’ll keep my 3 year old daughter busy (and entertained!), so today I want to share one of our favorite books and an easy, no-mess activity to go along with it! We love reading interactive books (like this, this, and this), but our favorite is definitely Herve Tullet’s Mix […]

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