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Today I sulked.

Today I Sulked

On the last day of 2019, social media was riddled with people comparing where and who they were a decade ago versus today. Others were giving inspirational quotes and reviewing their resolutions. For me… On the last day of the decade, I was filled with anxiety and sadness – and I sulked. I sulked because […]

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holiday spirit

When the Holidays Don’t Feel Magical

I’ve had holiday music going since November, trying to instill the magic of the holiday spirit in my girls. However, as we close in on the “Big Day,” something seems to be missing this year.  Perhaps, it’s the fact that my dad isn’t here. This marks the tenth Christmas without him. How I miss his quirky […]

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world surrogacy

This Connecticut Mom Gave a Couple in Amsterdam the Gift of a Lifetime

There’s an agency right here in Fairfield, Connecticut that’s giving families all over the world the gift of a lifetime. Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is one of Connecticut’s first full-service surrogacy matching agencies, and they’ve helped hundreds of families grow via gestational surrogacy over the past 13 years. Our favorite surrogacy story from Worldwide Surrogacy features […]

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A Letter To My Dog Upon Baby’s Arrival

Dear Dog, I know you know what’s coming. We’ve been through this once before. Before the arrival of my son, you were my baby. You came with me everywhere, got hour-long cuddle and tummy rub sessions on the couch, and ruled my Instagram account with pictures of your sweet, furry face. Then, the baby came. […]

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Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions: Our Favorites

There are many reasons for me to feel grateful this year. I am thankful to my parents for showing my sisters and I the meaning of family. I am equally grateful to my husband for being a great partner and father to our daughters. With all of my family, I am thankful for the traditions […]

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