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What I Learned When I Tried a Food Challenge

My town’s Moms Club has many smaller groups like a book club, age guided playgroups, and my favorite, The Wellness page on Facebook.  Members provide each other with accountability, recipes, and challenges. The ones I have participated in include a 30-day AB Challenge, a BUTT challenge, and most recently, an eating challenge.  Proposed by a […]

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Merry and Mindful Munching for Moms (and Kids)

Now that the holidays are upon us there will be lots of festive cheer, frenzied holiday shopping, parties to attend along with opportunities for indulgence offered around the table as we mix it up with family and friends. Sound fun? It certainly can be, but the combination can wreck havoc on digestion. It’s hard for […]

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I add cottage cheese to my pancakes for a more protein packed breakfast.

Is My Child Getting Enough Protein?

Long before I became a mom, I babysat for my toddler niece. My sister had prepared a dinner of chicken, broccoli, and potato.  As she left for the night, my sister said, “If she won’t eat her dinner, there’s yogurt in the fridge”.  “No worries” I said. “I’ll get her to eat her dinner”.  Ninety […]

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