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Rock out with your Crock(pot) out!

I know, I know. I have been living under a rock (or crock!) for a while now. I had a crock pot years ago, bought a cook book, and returned it all because I couldn’t find a recipe I liked. Maybe I had a super sophisticated palette at the time – just kidding, I just really thought everything […]

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Spinach and Parm Frittata-We love it for for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Toddler Lunch/Company Brunch: Frittata For All!

On my most organized weeks I’ve prepped multiple meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday, but a typical scenario is running around all weekend, getting home Sunday afternoon saying, “x*?%*@ (mild expletive), I don’t have anything prepped for daycare lunches this week!” Frittatas have saved me so many times because: I can make it […]

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Healthy Eating: Turkey Meatloaf

If you know me well,  you know I am not a beef eater.  I don’t eat steak.  I eat a hamburger maybe twice a year at most, and it is almost always at a summer barbecue.  Beef stews, soups or any other beef dish are extremely unappealing to me.  So it comes as a big […]

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