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Summer Slide

Summer slide is a term commonly used in the world of teaching to describe the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains over the summer that they made during the previous school year. This is my fifth rodeo as a “summer parent” and I must admit that my parenting skills also suffer […]

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chicken dinner

Chicken, Chicken, Winner, Dinner….again?

I can’t be alone in have the dreaded shudder attack when asked, “What’s for dinner?” “Chicken?” I mean seriously, do they REALLY need to eat dinner every.single.night? The truth of the matter is my older son has a constant rotation with a few special add-ins and my younger son invariably wants what’s on everyone else’s plate. […]

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Date Night Restaurant Guide

2017 Date Night Restaurant Guide

All mamas deserve a night out with the ones they love…especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner! Start planning ahead and get those babysitters lined up! Don’t know where to go? Fairfield County Moms Blog has got you covered! We have created a guide to the best date night restaurants throughout Fairfield County. Since [...]
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Easy Meals For cold weather

Easy Meals for Cold Weather

Brrr! This winter has been crazy with it’s ups and downs in temperature. The month of February has been particularly cold; we actually hit temperatures well into the negatives. (Remember Valentine’s Day weekend? It felt like -22 degrees at 8am!). So what do you cook when it’s THAT cold? Here are some easy and filling recipes […]

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