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Schitt's Creek

We Should All Live In Schitt’s Creek

The world today is different. The world today is scary. Uncertainty, anger, and frustration are all emotions I’ve been feeling daily. I’m sad for my children, my extended family, and friends. Most of all, I’m sad for those who have it a lot harder than me for the simple fact that they look different, or […]

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thank you

A Big Thank You to Our Extraordinary Essential Workers

Everyone makes sacrifices, not only to protect ourselves but to also protect others. However, essential workers put themselves at even higher risk daily. Thank you to all the essential workers who have displayed empathy and courage through their continuous work. Our communities would lack essentials for shelter, food, and toiletries without the work of grocery […]

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family choice

Family Choice: Navigating COVID-19

It’s been several months since Governor Lamont first encouraged us to “Stay Safe, Stay at Home.” Schools changed to distance learning, non-essential employees began working from home, and many local businesses temporarily closed their doors. As we’ve done our part to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many parents have felt the physical, mental, and emotional […]

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mothers unite

Mothers Unite

Start from within. By now, we are all so aware of the current climate as it pertains to the ongoing protests in the United States. I am a Black woman, a black mother, a black friend, a black neighbor, a black coworker, and a black entrepreneur. As the news and social media become populated with […]

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Global Running Day

Global Running Day

This year June 3 is Global Running Day, a worldwide celebration of running that encourages people of all ages and abilities to get moving. This day plays an important role, reminding us of the positives that running can offer and the power of unification. Its mission seems more important than ever right now, as people […]

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dear teachers

Dear Teachers: We Miss you

Dear teachers, I’ve written to you before. My last letter was drafted in adoration for you because of the way you keep our kids safe in the face of gun violence —something you never signed up for, of course.  I wish this letter had a cheerier tone. Sadly, it doesn’t. And it is in response […]

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rainbow hunt

203 Rainbow Hunt

We are currently living in a situation we’ve never experienced before. It’s a little confusing, scary, frustrating, and who knew being home all day could be exhausting. To help us get through this, we need to flip the conversation. It’s amazing to have some time to slow down, have family dinners, and go out on […]

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support local

Support Local!

Fairfield County Moms Blog is a local blog written for and by local moms. We strive to share local information about local events, programs, and businesses throughout Fairfield County. Do you see the common thread here? We LOVE local, and our blog thrives off of local happenings and services. We would not have the amazing […]

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