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virtual is reality

Virtual is Reality

Like so many others in this world, most of my days are spent in front of an electronic device of one kind or another. I teach middle school and use technology in all of my lessons. In my classroom I have a SmartBoard, a laptop, an iPad and an apple TV. The students are all […]

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It’s Not JUST a Name

My daughter’s name is Abbie, not Abigail. My son’s name is Charlie, not Charles. Their names are not just Abbie and Charlie. Their names are real and full, and they are the names my husband and I chose for them. They are the names that define their very existence. So please respect their names as […]

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A Letter to my SmartPhone

A Letter to My Smart Phone

Dear Sammy, You are my best friend, my smart phone. You communicate with me every minute of every day. If I would let you, you would snuggle me at night, wake me in the morning and keep me company all day. You tell me the time whenever I want it, you play games with me, […]

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