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girl power

Is There Any Boy Power Left?

In a world full of Girl Power – is there any Boy Power left? I often hear people say: you can be anything you want to be. Is that really the case? Girl Power is everywhere in music, talk shows, political representatives, and mom blogs. Please, before we roll or eyes or click ‘x’ on […]

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New Year's Resolutions

10 Easy Parenting Resolutions

To be honest, I have never truly stuck to a New Year’s resolution. And how many people can actually say they have? Resolutions are easy to break but the one benefit of creating a resolution is that it allows us to reflect. What can I do better? Make better? Be better at? How have I […]

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loose tooth

The Tooth Collector

When you tell people you’re going to have a baby, you are met with the usual responses, “Amazing!” “Congratulations!” “Being a parent is the most amazing thing,” etc. But I feel like only your real friends will tell you the down and dirty truth. You’re going to catch puke in your hands. You’re going to […]

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second baby

I Never Knew I Needed You

To my second daughter, I never knew I needed you. Funny how the things we need most in life are apt to be things we don’t even realize we need. You see, your sister was well thought out, dreamed about, meticulously planned. From the nursery, name, clothes, toys, baby gear, no ‘i’ was left undotted […]

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