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The Kindermoon Trend

We already have the honeymoon and the babymoon, but now the Kindermoon? Last year as part of a marketing plan to increase customer engagement, Disney founded the idea of the Kindermoon vacation. If you are a regular Disney Junior watcher, which is basically the only thing on the television in a house with a 3 […]

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Character? Be one. But more importantly – raise one.

Building character is a tough thing to wrap your head around. You know when you meet someone who comes across as just genuinely unhappy? Like, if you smile at someone you’re passing in the store and they just glare back at you? I always wonder…what happened that they couldn’t find the silver lining? Luckily enough, […]

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Vacation in a Jar

Just a couple of short years ago, my life was forever changed by the tiny person who made his way into it.  I wasn’t naive enough to think that nothing in my life would change after having a baby – in fact, I was most certain that things would change.  I knew just about everything […]

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We’re Almost There

Yesterday I spent about two hours packing up all of Lizzie’s 6-9 month clothes and unpacking all of her 12 month clothes that I’ve had stored away in bins.  Many of those clothes were gifts given to her when she was born and many of them are hand-me-downs from good friends of ours.  None the […]

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