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My Holiday Hangover

This year’s holiday season was different than the rest. My twins turned two and suddenly Christmas took on a new meaning. Seeing the excitement and anticipation through their eyes was amazing! It also led to me overscheduling and stressing out; wanting to make sure we had the perfect holiday. I’m left feeling exhausted, overworked, and […]

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Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Every Mom

Some moms spend their weekends planning the menu for the upcoming week and thrive on it. If that’s not you, are you destined to unhealthy meals and meal planning failure? Absolutely not! There are many ways to meal plan successfully and healthfully. Keeping your style and preference in mind is key to long term success. […]

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10 Things I Dream About Doing In My “Free” Time (Try Them! You Won’t Be Disappointed)

I generally have an audience when I go to bathroom. Lena, my 22-month-old daughter, likes to give a play-by-play throughout the process. “Mommy pee-pee potty,” she explains. “Mommy paper,” (toilet paper) she continues. “Mommy flush…mommy all done!” Did I mention she also tries to “help mommy?” Precious. While I love her adorable little voice and […]

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Don’t be That Mom! A Guide to Keeping your Non-Mom Friends

You didn’t mean to. It just happened. You got all wrapped up in this crazy thing called motherhood and you forgot that there are people out there who take showers in peace and discuss things other than bowel movements. These are your friends without children.  Sometimes, you may feel that your friends without children are […]

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