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intrusive thoughts

Me, Myself and My Intrusive Thoughts

***Trigger Warning***   Before becoming a mother, I was a clinical social worker. Despite my training in the mental health field, my knowledge of perinatal mental health was based on simply knowing that a handful of new moms developed Postpartum Depression. It was something that occasionally came up when gathering background information at the start […]

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body image

Body Image: Teaching My Daughter to Love Herself

From the moment I first heard that heart beat, I (secretly) wished for a girl. So when the ultrasound technician confirmed the gender at our 19 week appointment, I took a moment to myself in the bathroom to 1) empty my pregnant bladder and 2) process the news.“A little girl,” I repeated. A tear of […]

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To My Sister: On the Verge of Motherhood

Dear Sister, In all honesty, I’ve been secretly waiting for the day you would tell me, “I’m pregnant!” I have wanted to share this whole motherhood journey with you, well, probably since I became a mother myself. So when that day came, I tried not to scare you with my excitement. I let you know through the phone […]

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Learning To Let Go Of Control

Learning to Let Go of Control

If you are human than you are affected by the events and environment around you. When life gets chaotic and stressful you begin to feel off. Life and environmental stressors can manifest internally making you feel anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, unhappy, agitated and defeated. Enter children. Now that out of control feeling…yeah, it is multiplied! With children […]

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