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Confessions of a

Confessions of a Former #FOMO-aholic

Hello, my name is Amy and I have had a problem. A little over a year ago, I started to feel as if my life were falling apart. I couldn’t keep my house in order, couldn’t focus on my business, and was losing my patience and focus at work. I wasn’t sleeping well, eating terribly, […]

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Learning To Let Go Of Control

Learning to Let Go of Control

If you are human than you are affected by the events and environment around you. When life gets chaotic and stressful you begin to feel off. Life and environmental stressors can manifest internally making you feel anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, unhappy, agitated and defeated. Enter children. Now that out of control feeling…yeah, it is multiplied! With children […]

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Heart Centered Holidays

Heart Centered Holidays: Yoga to Transform Emotionality

The holidays should be a time of joy, celebration, and connecting with loved ones, but navigating them can sometimes feel like an emotional roller-coaster ride. One minute, you’re laughing with family during a festive feast, the next you’re in tears, overwhelmed by some challenging memory of the past. Try this restorative pose and heart-opening meditation […]

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