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Superman’s got nothing on SuperMOMs.

My just-turned-four-year-old is obsessed with super heroes. You can regularly see him in local grocery stores donning an ankle-length black and gold satin cape (see below) or perusing the Netflix cue for the best in classic (I’m talking 1990) Spiderman episodes. It’s an innate fascination of good vs. evil that little boys have (read: testing limits…) but it got me thinking about how moms are basically superheroes in disguise. Think Clark Kent here. The spandex is just in the form of yoga pants and we don’t always try to cover it up. Uncertain about your super-heroness? Read on.Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.14.07 PM

Example #1 All superheroes have heightened senses. So do we!

Taste – We can camouflage healthy food with the best of them. We can taste that it’s in there but they certainly can’t! Spinach and chia seeds in a smoothie! Ground turkey in a quesadilla! Fooled you, taste buds.

Sight – We can walk into someone else’s house (often a child-less friend) and spot the hazards within minutes seconds. Wine rack on the bottom shelf of your cute little kitchen island? Gotcha. Lovely glass coffee table right at eye-level? I spy you.

Sound – We can hear a baby cry from miles (MILES!) away, even if it’s not our own. I still remember my first solo grocery store trip post-baby. Crying baby in aisle 5. Thank you, nursing pads. Also, Daddy sleeps through the night sometimes… (ha!) but we hear a slight change in breathing through a monitor or a whimper through three doors and over the dishwasher’s hum.

Smell – Diapers. Need I say more? We can smell it when no one else can.

Touch – Sometimes a baby/toddler just needs their Mommy. That 3am desire to snuggle up against the curve of your neck. Because the weight of your right hand on their back is what they need to feel safe and secure enough to drift back into the scary world of sleep.Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.16.40 PMExample #2 – Spiderman

He’s got SPIDEY SENSES. All five of the ones normal people have (see above) and then his sixth sense. His spidey sense. Described as a premonition or understanding of evil before it happens. This is the calm before the storm. The period of too-long silence from the other room. The seeing accidents happen in slow motion with just enough time to prevent them (sometimes).1503301_10152825361319930_9030874851207672704_n

Example #3 – Superman

Super human strength. Yeah, we’ve got that. Aside from carrying children for ~40 weeks and then sustaining their health and wellness for YEARS, we’re physically stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Functioning on little to no sleep we still manage to carry a 25lb toddler on one hip while single-handedly cracking an egg for another child’s breakfast or spreading cream cheese on toast. Yeah, it’s possible. We do it.


What makes YOU feel like a Super Mom? 

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4 Responses to Superman’s got nothing on SuperMOMs.

  1. Abby
    Abby March 2, 2015 at 2:59 PM #

    Example 4 – Batman. We can make all sorts of gadgets from things we have around the house. cardboard box turned Batmobile, spatula turned sword, backpack turned Ninja Turtle shell…the list goes on!

    Great post : )

    • Julie P
      Julie P May 14, 2015 at 9:15 PM #

      Thanks Abby! I totally agree. Creativity runs deep.

  2. Candy March 3, 2015 at 8:46 AM #

    …..and above all…..WONDER WOMAN!!! :0)

    • Julie P
      Julie P May 14, 2015 at 9:16 PM #

      That’s the most obvious one! Can’t believe I forgot it. Thanks, Candy!

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